Live Psychic Chat App Scraped $200 Joining Fee

I was checking LPC’s Psychic Jobs page and read that they have scraped $200 joining fee. They have changed to be a monthly marketplace fee of $9.99/month. They haven’t sent any communication to us though. This is great news for those psychic advisors who were finding it difficult to pay $200 one off joining fee.

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Hi Amelia,
I’m trying to join Live Psychic Chat App but I don’t see $9.99/month offer. I see $200 advance set up fee. How do I join with $9.99/month fee? Any help?

Hello Amanda,
It looks like they changed the set up fee policy again. In my opinion, and in long term, paying one off setup fee of $200 is better than $9.99 per month. You should pay $200 upfront fee and join.