Fired from Purple Ocean and Bitwine, Why?

I’ve been working on Purple Ocean and Bitwine for over 5 years. Few weeks back they let me go. They didn’t give any reason. I’m so gutted. I did search on this issue and found that a lot of psychics were let go from these sites. Does anyone know what is going with them? Can anyone recommend me any good psychic site which is hiring right now?


I’m glad that you asked this question. I was also let go few months back. I did some research on what is going on with them. What I found was shocking. This post is going to be very detailed so grab a cup of tea or coffee and keep reading.

Psychic services is multi billion dollar industry in US alone. As per reports approximately a million psychics are employed in this industry. This industry has been growing every day but quietly behind the scene. There were many websites and apps since the dawn of the Internet and some of them still exist.

In the beginning and not too long before all these psychic sites were operating independently. Having seen the huge success and knowing the fact that this is the only one of the very few industries which can survive recession, war and pandemic serious businesses started to invest in it.

Covid-19 was the game changer. Psychic industry exploded. Psychic apps reported massive increase in the revenue. It also provided employment to thousands of psychic advisors who have to close their shops. This industry served as lifesaver for many people. the number of work from home psychics are constantly increasing. I, personally, know that many of my psychic friends have closed shop permanently and have been working online since then.

Cornering of the market
It was only matter of time when some smart business people would see massive money making opportunity in this industry and will get serious with this business. Covid-19 was catalyst and then it did happen.

The big companies and investors saw opportunity and they started to buy top psychic apps. One by one they consolidated most of the top psychic apps. After acquisition they started to filter out psychic advisors and that is the reason we were let go.

Following are the top companies which owns most of the psychic apps.

  1. Ingenio & Sister company Adviqo
    This company alone owns around 19 psychic, astrology & well being apps including Purple Ocean, Keen, Fortunica, Purple Garden, BitWine, Psychic Center, Zodiac Psychics and others.

  2. Outlook Amusements
    They own California Psychics and also bought few other apps.

  3. JWS International S.à r.l.
    This is a Luxembourg based company which owns Oranum and some XXX Sites

  4. Purple Dot Digital Limited
    They own Live Psychic Chat and psychic apps

These top 4 companies owns more than 75% share of the psychic market.

These companies will not stop buying out other psychics apps in the future as they have tasted the blood and it is sweet blood of money. Expect more firing from other apps in the future.


OMG! I didn’t know what was going on. Thanks for sharing such detailed analysis. So what are our options now? Which psychic app to join?

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I was also made redundant by one of these psychic app which Krystal mentioned. I’ve recently joined Live Psychic Chat App which is working out to be great so far.

I was working on psychic encounters which was closed down recently. Not sure what happened to this psychic app? Does anyone know?


I think owners of California Psychics bought them and shut it down.

Great analysis. I was wondering how come all these psychic apps are owned by one company and they are still active on Apple Appstore and Google Play? I thought Apple and Google don’t allow duplicate apps?

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They bought the company which owned the app. They kept the company structure as such so the apps which were already live on Apple Appstore and Google Play remained with the original company hence no duplicate as such. If you see the developer names for these apps you will find that they all are still with the old company. Unless someone tells Apple/Google about them pointing that they all are owned by the same company they wouldn’t be bothered to mark them as duplicate and remove from the app stores.

I’m on Purple Garden. I’ve seen that my earnings has dropped significantly in the past few months. Is this due to the mergers?