Does Live Psychic Chat Issue 1099 Form For USA Psychic Advisors?

Hello, I’m based in the USA. I was wondering if Live Psychic Chat App issues 1099 forms to USA psychic advisors?


Hello Sarah, I’m not in the USA but I’ll try to give you an answer.
Firstly, Live Psychic Chat (LPC) are based in the UK and I don’t think a UK based company will issue any USA tax form to freelancers.

Secondly, it is a marketplace and you are the one who earns money buy charging customers. You pay LPC a commission fee for using the platform. This in effect means that you are a service provider and not an employee. This means that you are a self employed person unless you work via your own LLC company.

You should consult an accountant to get this sorted out.

I hope this helps.

Hello Sarah, Amelia has already answered to your question and I second to that. We don’t issue any forms to any psychic advisors as we are a marketplace and you are responsible for taking care of your taxes.