A customer is spending over $1000+ every day on Live Psychic Chat App, should I be worried?

Hello All,
I wanted some advice. There is a customer and she is like addicted to live chat reading with me. She likes me very much. I’ve helped her a lot in the past and she keeps coming back. It’s all good, I love helping her but she is spending too much money every day like over $1k+. Should I be worried that she is addicted or something?


Send her to me, I’ll take care of her :wink: :heart_eyes:

I had similar situation last year. There was a client who spent over $35k in a month chatting with me. She just kept coming day after day and chatted for hours every day. There is nothing to worry much about such customers. They need help so they have come to the right place. Keep helping them.

Please refer customer to me, love to have such customers.